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Flight 12 Improv Auditions

Fall 2019 Audition Announcement and Info

Sign-up in the Green Room


Auditions:  9/4/19 & 9/5/19 from 6p-8p in FA 143

Callbacks:  9/6/19 from 6p-9p in FA 143

Rehearsals:  Thursdays 6p -10p and Fridays 6p – 9p

Performances:  11/2/19 @ 2p and 7:30p, 11/3 @ 2p

What to bring:   Energy, a positive attitude, and a headshot. No headshot? No problem. A photo will be taken upon arrival if necessary.

What to wear:  Comfortable clothes you can move in, something you don’t mind getting on the floor in. 

What to expect:  This is a group audition. Expect to be video recorded in a group, and to demonstrate improvisation skills based upon specific games (see below).

What to prepare:  Use this link to the Canadian Improv Games Quick Demos video. Any of these may be played during the audition. The time marker after each title below indicates where in the video you’ll find the exercise. If you wish to see the rules written out, enter into your favorite search engine ‘Canadian Improv Games’ followed by the name of the game, e.g. Canadian Improv Games Johnson File.

  • YES AND 10:38 (watch this first —it’s a principle upon which improv is built)
  • 5 THINGS 1:40
  • FLOCK DANCE 3:00
  • YES, LET’S 5:28
  • CIRCUITS 5:53
  • CORRIDORS 7:10
  • HEADLINES 7:38
  • 5 ELEMENT GAME 8:48

Additionally, the performance format (not audition format) is scheduled to be similar to what you see here, the Canadian Improv Games 2013 National Finals. For this reason, you will be asked if you are interested in being a judge, timekeeper, and/or linesperson in addition to a team improviser.

If you require disability-related accommodation to fully participate in this event, please contact the troupe director, Laurel Whitsett, at prior to your audition.

Prospective Student Auditions

BFA Auditions and Scholarship Auditions are held every February for more information contact Linette Tucker at or call (817) 272-5722.

BFA Performance Auditions
Auditions consist of two contrasting monologues from published plays (1 minute in length each). A 16-bar song is encouraged, but not required. UTA sends a faculty representative to the major recruiting conferences and events in the DFW area. Students may also audition privately in February. Each student auditioning privately will be required to submit an audition form, resume, and headshot at the time of the audition.

BFA Musical Theatre Auditions
Auditions consist of portions from two (2) contrasting musical theatre pieces (16-32 bars in length) showing range, storytelling, and variety, as well as a one-minute contemporary monologue from a published play. Please bring sheet music in the correct key, double-sided, and in a binder. An accompanist will be provided. Each student auditioning will be required to submit an audition form, resume, and headshot at the time of audition.

BFA in Design & Technology
All BFA candidates must formally audition for admittance into the program. Auditions consist of the prospective student’s presentation of a current portfolio and resume to one or more of the design/tech faculty. Auditions are typically ten minutes long and are followed by a brief Q&A. Students can audition either on site at UTA or through recruitment conferences where a UTA Department of Theatre Arts representative is present.

BA in Theatre Arts
No audition required.

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