The first social robot for the home who looks, listens, and learns. Artificially intelligent and authentically charming. Designed by Cynthia Breazeal of MIT and JIBO, Inc. Jibo is the first robot designed to be used by the whole family. He’s not a niche robot with a single purpose, like a Roomba, nor is he a toy. Jibo is designed to tap into the social fabric of a household and help out. The first model will perform simple tasks like taking voice reminders, fielding phone calls and messages – connecting to the family’s phones through Wi-Fi. He will also act as the heart of the home connecting to iPads, TVs and games consoles. More complex skills include automatically identifying the faces in a room and taking pictures on request and reading a story to a child. (New Scientist text and Jibo, Inc.)

Jibo is being used for research for the Dept. of Theatre Arts, College of Liberal Arts, and University of Texas at Arlington. UTA is a Research 1 university which is a highly prestigious classification for universities that engage in wide-ranging research activities.

For more information about JIBO, please visit JIBO’s website.

See JIBO In Action…

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